Purr Tea

The concept is simple: we would like PurrTea to become your hideout, the quiet and happy place to be. We believe a well crafted smoothie, or milk tea, can make your day. Plus some nice little desserts, in case anyone is hungry.

Meet The Cat


Combining western fruit smoothies and eastern bubble tea ingredients comes PurrTea. We love what we craft and we certainly earned lots of great friends in the past testyears, before we’re called the new name.

A cup of PurrTea banana chocolate smoothie on the table.

Featured Items

Top Picks

PurrTea Dirty Milk Tea
  • Dirty Milk Tea$ 6.75
Slow cooked brown sugar pearls with milk or oolong tea latte (Oat milk also avail. for extra charge)
PurrTea Earl Grey Latte
  • Earl Grey$ 6.25
Premium Earl Grey’s black tea latte
PurrTea Taro smoothie
  • Taro Smoothie$ 7.35
Signature Taro flavour smoothie.
PurrTea Strawberry White smoothie
  • Strawberry White$ 8.55

White chocolate smoothie with gummies, rainbow stripes, sprinkles and strawberry


West Market Square

1851 Sirocco Dr SW, Calgary
AB T3H 4R5

Mount Royal Village

816a 16 Ave SW, Calgary
AB T2R 0S9

Willow Park Village

10816 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary
AB T2J 5N8

Simply But Delicious Experience

What People Say?

Henri Moore
Henri Moore
December 10, 2023
Great service!!!!
Megan Smith
Megan Smith
November 20, 2023
Fast, friendly and their cups are adorable taste great too!
Ivan Chow
Ivan Chow
November 19, 2023
Passionfruit oolong with passionfruit popping pearls - made by Ricky, it was really good. The price is far more reasonable than other bubble tea places these days ($5 vs $7). Ask for Ricky.
Brad Randall
Brad Randall
November 18, 2023
A lovely first visit
Logan Pillsworth
Logan Pillsworth
November 8, 2023
Every time I've gotten purr tea, it's been an amazing experience. The staff are friendly and the drinks are amazing. In my opinion the best out of the Boba places in and around Calgary.
Sara Ahmed
Sara Ahmed
October 14, 2023
I love the place and their smoothies, especially the mango.
Taylar Snow
Taylar Snow
October 7, 2023
Went to the Macleod location, very friendly, kind, helpful staff. Everything is so delicious, and there’s SO MANY amazing options for toppings. And the hot teas have fresh fruits in them, so yummy!☺️


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