Real Fruit / Flavoured / Chocolate

Milk Tea / Fruit Tea / Slushy

Waffles / Cakes / Douffle / Other Snacks

Real Fruit Smoothies

PurrTea Mango smoothie
  • Mango Smoothie$ 7.35

The mango smoothie, the classic and never goes wrong.

PurrTea Strawberry smoothie
  • Strawberry Smoothie$ 7.35

The strawberry smoothie, the alternative classic and also never goes wrong.

  • Avocado Smoothie$ 7.55

The healthy choice. We use real rand ripe avocado for each drink.

PurrTea RoseBerry smoothie
  • RoseBerry$ 7.35

Rose syrup, raspberry and lychee smoothie

PurrTea PurrPassion smoothie
  • PurrPassion$ 7.35

Pineapple, Passion Fruit and white chocolate smoothie

PurrTea Avocado-Mango smoothie
  • Avocado-Mango$ 7.55

Avocado smoothie with real avocado, plus a touch from real mango to balance the taste.

PurrTea Peachy-Mango smoothie
  • Peachy Mango$ 7.35

Peach and mango smoothie, our best selling smoothie.

PurrTea Greenly smoothie
  • Greenly$ 7.35

Green apple and lychee smoothie, sour and sweet but more on the sweet side.

PurrTea Nana smoothie
  • Nana$ 7.35

Banana and strawberry smoothie.

PurrTea GuaBerry smoothie
  • GuaBerry$ 7.35

Guava, strawberry and raspberry smoothie

PurrTea Double B smoothie
  • Double B$ 7.35

Strawberry, blueberry and banana smoothie

PurrTea PinkPom smoothie
  • PinkPom$ 7.35

Strawberry and pomegranate smoothie

PurrTea MBS smoothie
  • MSB$ 7.35

Mango, strawberry and yogurt smoothie

PurrTea MangoPint smoothie
  • MangoPint$ 7.35

Mango, pineapple and yogurt smoothie

PurrTea PPAP smoothie
  • PPAP$ 7.35

Peach, pineapple, green apple and yogurt smoothie. (Not Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen!)

PurrTea Tropica smoothie
  • Tropica$ 7.35

Mango, pineapple and passion fruit smoothie. Our second best selling (when second place is not mango)

Flavoured Smoothies

PurrTea Taro smoothie
  • Taro Smoothie$ 7.35

Signature Taro flavour smoothie

PurrTea TaroCoco smoothie
  • TaroCoco$ 7.35

Same Taro smoothie, but added with coconut flavouring

PurrTea MangoCoco smoothie
  • MangoCoco$ 7.35

Same mango smoothie, but added with coconut flavouring

PurrTea Piña Colada smoothie
  • Piña Colada$ 7.35

Pineapple, coconut and yogurt smoothie

PurrTea Matcha smoothie
  • Matcha Smoothie$ 7.35

Japanese green tea smoothie

Chocolate Smoothies

PurrTea Super Oreo smoothie
  • Super Oreo$ 8.55

Chocolate smoothie with Oreo pieces, crumbs, whipped cream and chocolate syrup

PurrTea Maltesers smoothie
  • Maltesers$ 8.55

Chocolate smoothie with Malteser pieces, Kitkat, whipped cream and chocolate syrup

PurrTea Ferrero smoothie
  • Ferrero$ 8.55

Chocolate smoothie with Nutella, marshmallow, wafer, whipped cream and chocolate syrup

PurrTea Strawberry White smoothie
  • Strawberry White$ 8.55

White chocolate smoothie with gummies, rainbow stripes, sprinkles and strawberry

PurrTea Banana Chocolate smoothie
  • Banana Chocolate$ 8.55

Chocolate smoothie with banana, pocky and banana slices

Milk Tea

Hot or Cold available, hot option is $0.5 cheaper unless otherwise specified

PurrTea Taiwanese Milk Tea
  • Taiwanese Milk Tea$ 6.25

Traditional Taiwanese black milk tea, non-dairy only. The classic, the original “BUBBLE TEA”

PurrTea Dirty Milk Tea
  • Dirty Milk Tea$ 6.75

Slow cooked brown sugar pearls with milk or oolong tea latte (Oat milk also avail. for extra charge)

PurrTea Maple Oolong Oat Milk Tea
  • Oolong Cha$ 6.25

Ti Kuan Yin tea latte. Deep fermentation, strong but still smooth

PurrTea Maple Oolong Oat Milk Tea
  • Maple Oolong Oat Milk Tea$ 6.55

Special High Mountain Oolong Tea® with oat milk. Super smooth with an unique oolong tea scent.

This drink is served hot only

PurrTea Thai Cha Milk Tea
  • Thai Cha$ 6.25

Thai tea mix with condensed milk and evaporated milk. Minimum 50% sweet

PurrTea Jasmine Green Tea Latte
  • Jasmine Green Tea Latte$ 6.25

Natrually scented jasmine in high grade green tea cold brew blend

PurrTea Earl Grey Latte
  • Earl Grey$ 6.25

Premium Earl Grey’s black tea latte

PurrTea London Fog Latte
  • London Fog$ 6.25

Earl Grey tea latte, plus a vanilla touch. 

Minimum 25% sweet

PurrTea Ceylon Black Latte
  • Ceylon Black Latte$ 6.25

Special Ceylon black tea latte for a stronger taste

PurrTea Ceylon Rose Latte
  • Ceylon Rose Latte$ 6.25

Special Ceylon rose tea latte for a stronger taste

PurrTea Matcha Latte
  • Matcha Latte$ 6.25

Japanese green tea latte. 

Minimum 50% sweet

PurrTea Taro Latte
  • Taro Latte$ 6.25

Smooth and unforgetable taro flavour latte.

Minimum 50% sweet, No Caffeine

PurrTea Winter Melon Latte
  • Winter Melon Latte$ 6.25

Herbal taste latte with green tea base. 

Minimum 50% sweet

PurrTea Chocolate Latte
  • Chocolate Latte$ 6.25

Creamy chocolate latte. 

Minimum 50% sweet, No Caffeine

Fruit Tea

PurrTea Peach Tea
  • Peach Tea$ 5.25
PurrTea Strawberry Tea
  • Strawberry Tea$ 5.25
PurrTea Passion Fruit Tea
  • Passion Fruit Tea$ 5.25
PurrTea Golden Apple Tea
  • Golden Apple Tea$ 5.25
PurrTea Lychee Tea
  • Lychee Tea$ 5.25
PurrTea Winter Melon Tea
  • Winter Melon Tea$ 5.25
PurrTea Guava Tea
  • Guava Tea$ 5.25
PurrTea Honey Lemon Tea
  • Honey Lemon Tea$ 5.25
PurrTea Only Tea
  • Only Tea$ 5.25


Minimum 50% Sweet.
Cheese Foam available: Regular Foam + $0.85; Extra Foam + $1.70
PurrTea Grapefruit Strawberry Cheese Foam
  • Grapefruit Strawberry$ 7.05

Fresh grapefruit and strawberry slush, added with Philadelphia creamy cheese foam

PurrTea Blueberry Strawberry Cheese Foam
  • Blueberry Strawberry$ 7.05

Fresh blueberry and strawberry slush, added with Philadelphia creamy cheese foam

PurrTea Grapefruit cup
  • Grapefruit Cup$ 7.05

Soothing and refreshing grapefruit slush with real juice and pulp.

PurrTea Watermelon smoothie
  • Watermelon Cup$ 7.05

Watermelon slush, straight and forward. 

Available from May to September.

Waffles and Cakes

PurrTea Hong Kong Bubble Waffle
  • Hong Kong Bubble Waffle$ 5.45

Classic vanilla / chocolate flavour, sprinkled with icing sugar

PurrTea Bubble Sponge Cake
  • Bubble Sponge Cake (Strawberry Pearl Shown)$ 3.95

Sponge cake with custom fresh cream. 

Customers can pick one topping for $0.75

PurrTea Douffle®

PurrTea Plain Douffle
  • Plain$ 5.45

PurrTea exclusive pastry with multi-layer texture and crunchy taste

PurrTea Black Sesame Douffle
  • Black Sesame$ 5.45

Black sesame & brown sugar stuffing, poured with house syrup

  • Banana Chocolate$ 5.95

Sliced banana stuffing & poured Nutella®


Only available at West Market Square location

PurrTea Bucket of Chicken
  • Bucket of Chicken$ 10.95

Deep fried popcorn chicken breast chunks with classic taiwanese seasoning.

Flavour options: Salt & Pepper, Garlic, Spicy, Lemon Pepper

PurrTea Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Wings$ 10.95

10 pcs of chicken wings with classic taiwanese seasoning.

Flavour options: Salt & Pepper, Garlic, Spicy, Lemon Pepper

  • Crispy Chicken Balls$ 10.95

Lightly fried chicken nuggest with dippings.

Dippings options: Spicy mayo, BBQ

PurrTea Takoyaki
  • Takoyaki$ 9.45

Japanese style grilled octopus ball with nori and bonito flake

PurrTea Japa Fries
  • Japa Fries$ 7.95

French fries with takoyaki sauce, mayo, nori and bonito flakes

PurrTea French Fries
  • French Fries$ 7.45

Fries, with a little surprise.

Flavour options: Salt & Pepper, Seaweed, Spicy

PurrTea Yam Fries
  • Yam Fries$ 7.95

Sweet potato fries with dipping

PurrTea Gyoza
  • Gyoza$ 5.95

Japanese style pork dumpling, lightly fried, 6 pcs

PurrTea Gyoza
  • Veggie Springrolls$ 4.45 / 6.95

$4.45 2pcs

$6.95 4pcs